Don’t let my glasses fool you. These curves can do damage.

I’m a #sexpositive black feminist. I was born in New York City and grew up in Spanish Harlem (Not SpaHa!).

You know that best friend who often shares too much; that’s me. Needing an outlet to vent about dating in New York City in the digital era, I started my Tales of Toney blog. I shamelessly wrote about my sexual exploits, navigating my STD diagnosis, coming into my bisexuality, unconventional love, and my journey of self-love.

In my debut book, From Behind the Glitter Curtain: An Erotic Memoir, I dive even deeper and leave no stone unturned.

I’ve been on sex-educational podcasts like Whoreible_Decisions and Something Positive for Positive People. I was also a guest speaker at SHAG (Sexual Health Advisory Group) in New York City. And I continue to advocate for sex-positivity.

To keep up with me, follow TalesOfToney.com

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